You’re in the right place if you are sick of being in debt, or just want to be better with your money. 


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You might be wondering how a 20 something year old ended up teaching people how to manage their money. I am a success, financial and life coach, fitness competitor, and entrepreneur. I have a passion for trying things that are out of the social norm, including buying my first home at 19, paying off student loans just shy of $30K in 10 months (using the principles I teach in Manage Your Money Like a Boss), as well pursuing my MBA completely debt free.

I have one fur baby, an amazing fiancé, and am a self-proclaimed status quo challenger. I like to travel, read, play boardgames (although my competitiveness has banned me from Monopoly), try new restaurants, and I consider myself a lifelong learner.

But, that is only the surface level. My true passion for teaching people how to manage their money came from growing up in a home full of abuse, addiction, and constant fear.

I watched my mother stay in an abusive relationship and eventually divorce, leaving her a single mother with six mouths to feed. I watched her feel trapped and forced to stay in her marriage because she didn’t have the financial means to support herself. We slept on the floor for a period of time and eventually found a mattress in the garbage can.

Disgustingly enough, we were thrilled! This was the most valuable lesson I’ve ever learned. I know the true difference between wants vs. needs. My goal is to give young adults access to practical financial education so they can be independent and never feel trapped in life situations.

Learning how to manage my money and break out of the “poor” mindset was not easy, but I have learned valuable tools that will help others in their own journey to being financially independent.

I didn’t come from a wealthy, formally educated family. I chose to live my life differently. And so can you!

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I can not wait to help you make some seriously cool life changes and grow to be your best self!




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  • "Whitney knows her stuff. Her workshop will pay for itself within a day if you implement what she teaches. I highly recommend doing her workshop, especially if you are a student trying to avoid loans."


    -James, 20, student, Founder of Petzke Media

  • "Learning first hand from Whitney how to set a budget and even start saving, has helped me tremendously! I was able to move out, pay for my schooling (without taking out a loan!), and save at least 10% of each of my checks. I really hold a lot of value to the knowledge I have learned, because it is applied to my life every day."


    -McKenzie, 19, student, working professional

  • "Whitney was able to clearly explain topics involving personal finance that I have avoided for years.  She completely changed my mentality on how to better my life and relieve the stress I had about my own finances.  I am the master of my life and now I am taking control of my personal finance."


    -Nic, 25, working professional, Founder of Magnes Caps

  • "I paid $1,000 for a GRE prep course and got more out the Manage Your Money Like a Boss workshop."


    -Kelli, 25, graduate student, Founder of Global Service Partnerships

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